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The Best Acne Treatments for New Yorkers

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Best Acne Treatments NYC

New Yorkers Hate Acne Breakouts

Residents of the Big Apple simply won’t tolerate a pimple on their skin, which is why Clear Clinic offers the best acne treatments in NYC. The top ways to treat breakouts are a combination of in-office treatments and at-home care. The best line of defense against acne breakouts is to partner with one of our skin care specialists (aka personal acne coaches) at Clear Clinic.  It can be awfully confusing for the average person to find the perfect combination of effective skincare and treatments that work for them, which is why our team has devised the Personal Acne Coach program.

Personal Acne Coaches at Clear Clinic

Research says that most acne sufferers try to treat their acne breakouts all by themselves. But in a city where most people rely on experts to help them achieve their goals—think personal trainers, healthy food delivery systems, hairstylists, hair colorists, makeup artists and life coaches, it makes perfect sense for New Yorkers to turn to a personal acne expert to help them get on the path to clear skin forever. Clear Clinic personal acne coaches will help you choose the best acne procedures and treatments specific to your skin type. They will help explain everything along the way and guide you in making the right decisions for your skin. Our acne coaches are available 24/7 for your questions via email.

Laser and Light Treatments for Acne
Our skin care specialists and board-certified dermatologists have found that laser and light therapies, when used in conjunction with over the counter acne treatments and/or prescription medications, are an incredible addition to every acne regimen. One of the top light treatments for acne is photodynamic therapy (PDT), which uses blue light therapy to activate a medication that helps to shrink pores and kill the acne-causing P. acnes bacteria.  This treatment is not painful and does not have any downtime. The texture of the skin is improved as well as any acne breakouts. Another amazing acne-fighting treatment is the Isolaz Laser, which uses a vacuum-like technology to pull out any cellular debris from the pores while shining the bacteria-killing blue light into the pores. Isolaz is a one-two punch for acne.

Clear Clinic Signature Acne Facials

We are excited to introduce our acne-fighting medical facials, which are offered at both of our NYC locations. We have developed our facials with the help of our experience medical estheticians to treat active acne lesions and prevent the formation of future flares. Our facials include the application of a deep clarifying mask, extractions, a mini-peel pad and microdermabrasion. Active acne lesions are carefully extracted by our medical esthetician. This helps patients who are prone to picking and popping their own pimples and doing “bathroom surgery” tremendously.  Our patients who have facials leave Clear Clinic with gorgeous, glowing skin.

Rid of Acne in 24 Hours

One of our most requested acne treatments are cortisone injections, for a quick way to get rid of a burgeoning pimple fast. Using a diluted steroid medication, our skincare specialists will inject your active acne lesion to flatten it out in less than 24 hours. New Yorkers are notorious for being impatient, which makes cortisone injections one of the best acne treatments in NYC.

The Most Proven Acne Scar Removal Formula

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Acne scars can be just as devastating to your complexion as active acne can. At Clear Clinic, we have made it our mission to correct even the deepest acne scars, giving our patients a complexion even in tone and texture that they can be proud of. Our proven acne scar removal method combines two proven treatments for the ultimate results. F.A.S.T. and P.R.P. are both great on their own, but when combined, the results are amazing!

The F.A.S.T. (Focal Acne Scar Treatment) uses fractional CO2 laser energy to stimulate collagen renewal, which helps fill in the lost tissue in your acne scars. As a compliment to the F.A.S.T. procedure, the P.R.P. method., which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, uses the natural growth hormones in your blood to promote wound healing. These treatments combined deliver a one-two punch to acne scars!

Acne Bacteria Found on Dollar Bills

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Got acne? Your money could be to blame. Researchers recently discovered over 3,000 types of bacteria living on dollar bills–and the most prevalent bacteria was the one that leads to acne breakouts. According to the Wall Street Journal, New York University researchers studied DNA on dollar bills and found that our currency is actually host to species that cause acne as well as those linked to food poisoning, pneumonia and staph infections. Dirty money indeed!

Dollar Bills Contain Acne Bacteria | Clear Clinic

Money frequently changes hands and with that comes real health concerns. If there was ever a reason to wash your hands after handling money, now is the time to begin! The U.S. one-dollar bill, which is printed on a blend of cotton and linen, is an ideal host for bacteria and organisms. The article says that the body-temperature wallet is a virtual petri dish for bacteria. If you have acne, take great measures to wash your hands before touching your face–especially after going to an ATM or paying for a cup of coffee.

Acne and Green Tea: What You Should Know

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There are a few topical active ingredients on the market that have proven to be effective acne fighters. These are the ingredients that you consistently see listed on the packages of typical over the counter acne products. They go by the names salicylic acid, sulfur, resorcinol and benzoyl peroxide. In the skincare business, which is regulated by the FDA, you cannot legally have “acne” in the label of your product unless it contains one of those ingredients in a minimum percentage. So you won’t see any product on the market labeled for acne use containing only green tea as its active ingredient.

Green tea fights acne

Why Green Tea Works in Fighting Acne
Regardless of the FDA’s labeling laws, green tea in its topical form is actually an amazing acne fighter. In a 2009 study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, topical green tea lotion in 2% was found to be an effective treatment for mild to moderate acne. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps treat inflammation and acne is an inflammatory skin disease. Most over the counter skincare products only contain less than 1% green tea. At Clear Clinic Labs, we created an over-the-counter product called GTS 2.4, which contains 2.4% green tea. The results have so far been promising. Green tea is a lot less irritating than most other acne ingredients, so people are more inclined to stick with this product for a longer period of time.


Accutane: One Girl’s Story How it Cured Her Acne

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Just the mere mention of Accutane scares so many people off. Thanks to negative publicity about Accutane (the generic name is isotretinoin), saying it causes depression and even suicidal thoughts, those with severe acne who could really benefit from its use, shy away from using it. Accutane is considered a “last resort” drug because of all of its potential side effects and risks, but for those who have taken it, the benefits almost always outweigh the negatives. One young woman name Lauryn shared her Accutane story on the beauty blog Into the Gloss.

accutane really works

Lauryn tells the blog: “Around the time of my 23rd birthday, I had this realization that I had been struggling with acne for 10 years, and worries about my skin were weighing on me every day. Each morning I would inhale deeply, preparing myself to look in the mirror.”
She then made the decision to go on Accutane again, for the second time in her life. But for the second time around, Lauryn went on Absorica, which is a form of isotretinoin that’s easier to absorb than Accutane. With Absorica, she did not have to eat the same large amount of calories as she did with Accutane, since it absorbs better. She did have to abide by the same rules as before though, in terms of going on birth control and completing online quizzes about her mental health. She also had to layer her face and body with moisturizer daily to counteract the dryness that occurs with isotretinoin. But in the end it was worth it and she’s now able to wear much less makeup than she had to before, when she would use loads of foundation and concealer just to get to a neutral place.


Does Your Selfie Disappoint You? 7 Ways to Look Better

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According to the latest findings, almost half of all young adults have taken a “selfie.” In the social media-obsessed world we live in today, those selfies often get posted on numerous online outlets, including FacebookTwitter and Instagram. That photo then gets seen by your friends and all of their friends. Your selfie often serves as the first impression others get of you. With that in mind, it’s crucial to make the most out of your photo.


If you have acne or acne scars, how can you put your best face forward and come across looking beautiful no matter what condition your skin is in? We’ve put together a list of the top 7 ways to look amazing in a selfie regardless of your acne.

Look your best in a selfie


1. Use a mattifying primer to cut down on oil and shine. Try Clear Clinic Laboratories SAS Serum.


2. Remember your harshest critic is always yourself. Chances are that pimple on your chin is not as noticeable as you think it is.


3. Smile! It’s pretty simple, bit smiling is the best way to look your best.


4. Consider getting Fraxel to remove acne scars and improve your overall skin tone and texture.


5. Take more than one photo! You want to give yourself some options to choose from. Chances are you’re not going to love the first picture you snap.


6. Act like a photo editor. After doing your photoshoot, choose the ones you like best and give them a flattering filter. Black and white photos are always more forgiving!


7. Have fun! Regardless if you have acne or not, the key is to have fun in your photos–or at least look like you are! Your confidence and free spirit will show through.

How to Cover Your Zit Like a Professional Makeup Artist

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We love insider skincare tips here at Clear Clinic. There’s nothing like uncovering an amazing beauty secret from someone who really knows their stuff. So when we read this tip on how to properly cover a zit from uber makeup artist Tom Pecheux in Allure, we got super-excited.

how to cover a zit with powder

“Once you’ve put on a layer of foundation, dust a little bit of powder over the pimples. Then top it off with concealer,” he told the magazine backstage at Paris fashion week. “The powder acts like glue to keep the concealer in place. Otherwise, because both are greasy products, it slides right off the foundation.”


As far as foundation goes, it’s crucial to choose the correct formulation if you have acne prone skin. Our top choice for oily, acne-prone skin is Hourglass Cosmetics Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation, which contains kaolin clay and leaves a velvety matte finish on the skin.


If covering up your zit still doesn’t do the trick and you need to be gone asap, a cortisone injection is your answer!

How to Keep Your Skin Acne-Free this Wedding Season

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Bridal Bootcamp: Practice These Acne-Fighting Tips Way Wedding Season Approaches


Wedding season is mere months away. Whether it’s you, your bestie or your sister getting married, looking amazing is the only option. One thing you don’t want to happen before a big event is an acne breakout. Here are 5 tips to make sure your skin stays as clear and pimple-free as possible all throughout wedding season. Regardless if you breakout all the time or just get the occasional zit, your complexion will surely benefit from reading this.


acne free for wedding season at Clear Clinic Acne Treatment Center


The Top 5 Tips on Staying Clear for Wedding Season

1. Start acne treatment immediately

Acne regimens and treatments do not work overnight. It can take up to 8 weeks to see results from some treatments. If you want to look great for summer weddings, start your treatments now. Partnering with a board-certified dermatologist or a licensed skincare professional to clear your skin is the best line of defense. Book your appointment now!


2. Practice de-stressing
Planning a wedding can be stressful. Use this time to become familiar with some stress reducing techniques, such as yoga or breathing exercises. Stress can lead to an influx of hormones, which can sometimes contribute to acne.


3. Book a series of medical facials
Facials performed by a medical esthetician will help unclog pores and clear the skin. Medical estheticians will also safely extract any active acne lesions from the skin.


4. Don’t pick your skin!
We know how tempting it is to pick and squeeze your acne lesions. But don’t! Use spot treatments or and get medical extractions. Anything to keep those wandering fingers off your face.


5. Get over your needle phobia
When cystic pimples pop up out of nowhere, as they always do, it’s time to head to the derm for a cortisone injection, which will safely flatten out your pimple in 24 hours. As we all know, zits pop up when we want them least, so do a practice run before your wedding and go in for a cortisone shot the next time you feel a bump about to crop up.

How Wearing Sunscreen Can Get Rid of Your Acne

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One of the most common false beliefs about acne is that sunscreen will give you an acne break out. Along with that comes the myth that the sun will actually help heal your acne. Neither of those could be farther from the truth. The damaging rays of the sun should be screened from your skin at all costs, especially if your goal is to clear your complexion and keep it free of acne scars.


We all know that the sun can cause early aging as well as some forms of skin cancer. But why exactly is the sun your skin’s worst enemy when it comes to treating acne?  Here are the top 5 reasons the sun is terrible for acne-prone skin and some great reasons to wear sun protection all year long.

How wearing sunscreen helps fight acne | clear clinic acne treatment center


1. The Free Radical Factor
The sun’s UV rays, those powerful beams of light, cause free radical damage on your skin. Those free radicals lead to inflammation. Acne is actually an inflammatory skin problem, so adding more inflammation to the skin when you have acne only leads to, you guessed it, more acne. Some recent studies have even shown that free radical activity directly correlates to severe acne. Wearing sunscreen at least 30 SPF every day in combination with a free radical fighter containing vitamin C, will help protect your skin immensely.


2. The Sun Destroys Collagen and Elastin
Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of healthy skin. Regardless of your skin type, you want to preserve as much of those two proteins as possible. Beautiful skin depends on the abundance of collagen you have.


3. The Sun Zaps Your Skin of Moisture
While this may sound like a good thing for acne-prone skin, since most people with acne have too much oil on their skin, it’s actually a really bad thing. The sun damages the skin’s natural barrier, which causes moisture loss. Your body then produces more oil to overcompensate for the moisture loss. It’s a vicious cycle, so wear your sunscreen!


4. Zinc Oxide is Good For Your Skin
One of the best ingredients to block the sun may actually be a potent acne fighter! There are countless forums all over the web claiming that when used on pimples, zinc oxide will clear them up. Zinc oxide is mineral-based physical block. There have been claims that it clears skin the same way benzoyl peroxide does, minus the potential irritation. Take time to read the ingredients on your bottle of sunscreen before purchasing to make sure
it contains zinc oxide as opposed to chemical sunscreen ingredients. Try EltaMD UV Physical Broad Spectrum 41.


5. The Sun Makes Acne Scar Worse
You may feel like getting a tan will help conceal your acne scars. But don’t fall that trap. Sun damage can create hyperpigmentation and in the end this will make your scars look much worse. The sun can darken the acne scars you already have and cause blotchiness elsewhere on your skin. If you want to diminish the look of those red and brown spots left behind after acne, try a Laser Genesis or microdermabrasion.

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