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Tips for Treating Backne

Tips for Treating Backne

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Back acne_low resAcne on the back, more commonly referred to as ‘backne’ by many people, can be embarrassing and difficult to get rid of.  As spring break and summer quickly approach, now is the time to take action and get rid of your back acne.  Acne expert Dr. Schweiger has compiled the following tips for treating backne:

  • Enlist the help of a professional!  Acne on the back often requires more aggressive treatments than acne on the face.  While acne on the face may improve the topical OTC formulations, back acne often requires oral medications or in-office treatments to fully treat the area.
  • Consider purchasing the new Clarisonic Pro back extender.  While the Clarisonic Pro has always been used to clean out the pores on the back, it has been a struggle to reach all of the way to the middle of your back.  The back extender now attaches to your Clarisonic Pro, to help you reach all areas of your back.
  • Chemical peels for the back can be extremely helpful for both preventing and treating acne, and lightening marks left behind from old acne.
  • Avoid picking at your back.  You are more likely to form hypertrophic (keloid) scars on your back than on other acne-prone areas, such as the face.  These scars can be disfiguring and difficult to clear.

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