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Clear Clinic Services

Personal Acne Coach

Acne treatment is made simple with our personal acne coaches. Members of the Clear Clinic’s Clear Club will be paired with their own personal acne coach; these coaches are specialized Physician Assistants who have years of experience treating acne with the most effective treatments available. Not only will your personal acne coach guide you toward the most effective treatment regimen for your acne, but you will be able to contact them at any time with questions or concerns.

Acne Services

The Clear Clinic provides acne treatment for all patients, from those with very mild acne to those with very severe acne. We offer a variety of treatment options for acne, in order to best address the needs of all patients. During your initial consultation, we will review the best treatments for your acne. For many people, this is a combination of prescription medications to be used at home, and in-office treatments to more aggressively fight acne. Examples of in-office treatments used to treat acne at the Clear Clinic include Photodynamic Therapy, Blue and Red Light Therapy, Isolaz Acne Laser, Chemical Peels, and Medical Facials.

Acne Scars Services

In addition to acne treatment, we also treat acne scars, in order to help your skin look its best. We use a variety of the best acne scar treatments available, in order to properly treat your acne scarring. Treatments, such as the Fractional CO2 Laser, the Fraxel Laser, Dermal Fillers, and the KTP Laser can be used to remove acne scars from the skin. We often utilize a new technique, developed at the Clear Clinic, called the FAST Treatment for acne scars. FAST is an acronym for Focal Acne Scar Treatment; it is named this because the treatment uses the Fractional CO2 Laser to treat only focal areas of acne scarring. As a result, we are able to use very strong treatment levels to produce a safe improvement of acne scarring without significant downtime.

Laser and Light Treatment Packages

Laser and light treatment packages are an important part of many acne treatment regimens. These packages combine a series of laser and light-based treatments, in order to provide the most effective treatment for removing and preventing acne. Photodynamic Therapy, Blue and Red Light Therapy, and the Isolaz Acne Laser are often combined to help clear acne more quickly and effectively than prescription acne treatments alone. Your personal acne coach will help you to determine the more appropriate laser and light treatment package for your skin and acne type.

Fly In for Clear Skin – Acne Scar Treatment

Just because you do not live in New York City does not mean that you can’t receive the best acne treatment and acne scar treatment! Clear Clinic’s Fly In for Clear Skin program offers the FAST Acne Scar Treatment to anyone in the country. For the same price as a FAST Treatment, Clear Clinic will help you to arrange airfare to New York City and a one night hotel stay, so that you can receive the FAST Treatment for your acne scars. The Clear Clinic feels strongly that the very best acne treatment and acne scar treatments should not just be limited to people living in New York City.

Clear Club

The Clear Clinic is a membership program for patients with acne. Members of the Clear Club are assigned a personal acne coach; this is a specialized Physician Assistant who provides guidance throughout the acne treatment. For a low monthly fee, members of the Clear Club have access to discounted Laser and Light Treatment packages for acne services (such as Photodynamic Therapy, Blue and Red Light Therapy, and Isolaz Acne Laser), as well as reduced prices for acne scar services (including Fractional CO2 Laser, Fraxel Laser, FAST Treatment, and Dermal Fillers.) The Clear Club is ideal for those with acne or acne scarring who live in the New York area. However, even those who live across the country can receive acne treatment and acne scar treatment through our Fly In for Clear Skin program.