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A New Concept in Acne Treatment

Not everyone’s skin is alike. So why should everyone’s acne regimen be the same? Until now, over the counter acne products have been one-size-fits-all. Meaning, you either ordered a kit containing the same acne products as thousands of others or shopped the drugstore without guidance and went home with skincare that might not have been right for your skin.

For those with persistent acne, the only other option has been to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. We see these patients in our Clear Clinics every day. For many acne sufferers, perhaps even you, this is not an option. We felt there should be another option for acne patients: care that’s more guided than shopping the drug store alone but with the convenience of at-home support. So we created Clear Clinic @Home. Through this new service, we can offer effective skincare products, tools and solutions to any acne sufferer, worldwide, from the comfort of home!

How the Clear Clinic @Home Acne Program Works

With an arsenal of 19 powerful but luxurious acne fighting products, Clear Clinic will recommend a treatment plan that’s just right for you. These products have been developed by a leading New York City dermatologist to bring the latest and highest-quality ingredients combined with the most potent acne fighting agents directly to you.

These products, when combined with guidance from our Personal Acne Coaches, who are available to you through video conferencing, will work in tandem to give you the clear skin that you deserve.

And best of all, this program is GUARANTEED to clear your skin while improving its overall tone and texture, or your money back!

How to get started:
Step 1: Answer a few quick questions about your complexion.
Step 2: With this information, we will customize a Clear Kit, a personalized acne treatment regimen just for you.
Step 3: Your kit will arrive at your doorstep within 3 business days.
Step 4: Your Personal Acne Coach™ will contact you to schedule your first session.

Once you place your order, a Personal Acne Coach™ will immediately be assigned to you and will contact you shortly. Your Personal Acne Coach™ will be your guide during your journey to clear skin and will available through video conferencing, telephone or online chat. Each Clear Kit comes with 2 sessions with your Personal Acne Coach™. You may also contact your Personal Acne Coach™ via email if you have questions in between sessions.

We recommend all new clients have their first session with their Personal Acne Coach™ shortly after your Clear Kit arrives and your second session after you have been using it for around 6 weeks. During your first session with your Coach, you will be introduced to Clear Track™, our complexion monitoring system, which helps you track your results on your path to clear skin.