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Acne and Skin Picking

Let’s face it, we’ve all been tempted to pick at our pimples. Whether it’s a whitehead or an inflamed pimple, the temptation to pick and pop at our acne breakouts is always there. But keeping your hands to yourself is imperative if you want to keep your skin free of acne and acne scars. When you pick at your skin, you can push the bacteria further into the dermis and cause more breakouts. Your fingers are not sanitary and should never be used to try and rid of a pimple. You can also cause permanent tissue damage resulting in acne scarring, by picking at your skin

Skin Picking is a Common Condition

The Clear Clinic specializes in the treatment of acne in those patients that pick at their breakouts. Picking at acne lesions can lead to breakouts that linger on the face and acne scarring in the future. Skin picking your acne lesions is also called acne excoriee or picker’s acne and it is a common condition that requires a multifaceted approach to achieve best results. While acne excoriee is more common in young females with acne, it can affect any patient with acne. Acne excoriee typically begins in the adolescent years, when we are our most vulnerable. It starts with an acne breakout. The teenager feels the need to pick, squeeze and prod at their pimples, giving them a huge amount of satisfaction.

Talking to Your Teen About Skin Picking

If you are the parent of a teen who you believe to be picking their skin and acne, it’s important to step in right away. Often times, the skin-picker does not even realize they have a problem. The best way to tell if your teen is picking at their acne is if you see open wounds on their face or if you see hyperpigmented brown spots on their faces, this is where active acne lesions existed but were picked at so extremely that tissue was damaged. Sit your teen down and explain to them the detrimental effects of picking at their skin. If you need assistance, Clear Clinic has a staff psychologist you can turn to for advice.

Treatments and Therapies For Acne Skin Pickers

Clear Clinic utilizes specific treatments for these patients that address both the active acne and the picking. Blue Light and Red Light Therapy combined with certain prescription acne medications, works very well for patients who pick at their skin. This is often combined with Photo-dynamic Therapy and the Isolaz Laser in patients whose acne is also inflammatory and moderate. Clear Clinic also has an in house psychologist on site who specializes in the treatment of skin related OCD disorders including skin picking. Picking at your acne lesions is a difficult habit to break, but Clear Clinic has devised a unique regimen to address this condition. Clear Clinic will devise a program that is specific to your acne and skin picking habit and will work with you to help you bring you the clear complexion that you want and deserve.